Increase your muscle mass and lose fat at the same time.
There are smoothies specially designed to increase muscle mass. However, they do not always work well, hence another natural alternative has been sought. According to research conducted at Oklahoma State University
The study researchers were able to verify that the consumption of prunes significantly increased igf-1 concentrations. It is a protein responsible for regulating growth hormone, leading to the development of bones and muscle tissue. In fact, the participants eventually increased this protein by 17%.
Currently, high-performance athletes use its properties synthetically for three main reasons: to lose fat, improve their endurance and add muscle mass.
If you take about six prunes just before training, you won’t lack the energy you need to train effectively. Do not forget that they favor blood flow and that their content of soluble and non-soluble fiber is high (6.1 grams per 100 grams), granting you the fuel that your body requires to exercise.
In the same study it was observed that prunes are a great food for the liver. They prevent the deterioration associated with age, which delays the deterioration of cognitive abilities in old age, so in addition to taking care of your body you will do the same with your brain.

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