We are pleased to communicate to our subscribers the current status of the activities associated with the Sustainability Standard for the dried plum industry.

Thanks to the methodical analysis of the professional team, which during the work of a year, managed to accurately identify certain sustainable actions relevant to companies in the industry, today, through the current stage of piloting, it has been possible to address this analysis in greater depth, allowing progress in improving the proposed standard.

Planned to last 5 months, the piloting currently has a group of consultants visiting companies in the industry to collect sample information that will allow further adjustment of the two standards to the reality of the national industry, both in the primary and agro-industrial sectors. This data collection is key to the subsequent training process.

Initiated in July and scheduled to be completed in November, the development of the pilot project has made it possible to compare, in situ, the proposed means of verification, thus reliably identifying good sustainable practices to generate a training plan in 2024.

The instructive support planned for next year proposes a training and accompaniment plan that will enable the companies to overcome the gaps detected in order to advance in sustainability.

In summary, the companies of the sector that wish to join this experience, unique in Chile and pioneer in the world, will be part of the first group of producers certified in sustainability, marking a before and after in their development; their economic projections; the quality of their products and their relationship with the environment.

Finally, belonging to the select group of certified companies only brings positive qualities: it favors technological advances for your processes; it opens doors by entering the Chile Conscious Origin program and projects leadership worldwide, thanks to the support of the healthy public-private articulation behind the project.