Delegations from companies such as Frutexsa, GoodValley, Onizzo, Pacific Nut, Prunesco, Silvestres, Sofruco, Sunsweet and Superfruit, all associated with Chileprunes, were at one of the two most relevant fairs in the world in food matters, Anuga, which is held every two years in Cologne, Germany.

Attending the event held between October 4 and 8 was tremendously beneficial for several reasons:

First, everyone agreed, because it was once again the massive fair to which they were accustomed, having had 140,000 visitors related to the industry. Although it was also held in 2021, when the pandemic was on its way out, it was with well-limited assistance to buyers from companies that handle large volumes of different products.

Second, because the ProChile pavilion was well organized.

And third, mainly, because they were able to strengthen commercial ties with current customers, meet some new ones and close some sales with products that were in stock.

“Due to the time of year we are in, this fair does not sell as much as Gulfood which takes place in February. There isn’t much left available, but remnants of stock are still sold. More than generating business, we come here to establish relationships with clients, to meet; In this sense, Anuga is relevant for us and we will continue to participate… we have had a stand for 30 years,” says Sebastián Plaza, commercial manager of Frutexsa.

It was a very good fair in general terms, says Cristián Infante, general manager of Pacific Nut, “where we were able to contact new prospects, medium or small companies from Eastern Europe and Greece that were not on our radar.”

There were also a little more sales compared to previous years, adds José Tomás Quezada, commercial manager of Pacific Nut. Europeans have had strong inflation and high interest rates, so during 2023 they have been more cautious making spot purchases instead of carrying out complete or annual programs. Compared to that, thinking about Christmas, there were greater volumes of purchases of nuts, he comments.

Indeed, Europe has been ‘more measured’ and reluctant to make large purchases, adds Agustín Marin Cobo, commercial manager of Onizzo, “but they seem eager to resume longer-term programs.”

The executive notes that this fair is, without a doubt, more designed for the Northern Hemisphere, “while we (those from the Southern Hemisphere) must take advantage of this fair, which has very good public attendance, to strengthen ties and also sell the latest volumes of fruit. In our case, we were able to successfully close the season.”

“Anuga, along with Sial, are the most important food fairs in Europe; That is why having been at this fair in Cologne, Germany, is very relevant for our associates. This version had a very good organization and coordination of the ProChile team, which allowed us to promote the Chilean prunes in international markets, and thus, generate long-term relationships with current and new buyers,” closes Pedro Acuña, director Chileprunes executive.

According to the Anuga website, this year there were “140,000 industrial visitors from 200 countries and around 7,900 exhibitors from 118 countries. “The fair exceeded all expectations.”

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