Chilean exports of this fruit, in the period January-April 2023, reached $52.8 million, with the main destinations being Poland, Mexico and Spain, as well as Germany and China.


In the first four months of 2023, Germany and China closed in on the two main destinations for Chilean prunes, leading the first in foreign exchange returns (FOB dollars), while the Asian giant is the first in export volumes.

Destinations to China reached 2,164 tons, equivalent to US$ 6.8 million, while shipments to Germany of prunes were 1,983 tons, equivalent to US$ 9.1 million.

Total Chilean exports of this fruit, in the period January-April 2023, reached US$ 52.8 million, thanks to shipments to more than 70 countries of 13,163 tons of prunes.

This is indicated by the Office of Agrarian Studies and Policies (Odepa), an agency under the Chilean Ministry of Agriculture, referring to one of the most complete foods on the planet, since it provides cardiovascular, bone, and nutritional benefits, among many others.

Mexico and Poland were two other relevant countries at the start of the season, countries that, moreover, in recent years, have been permanently among the top 5 prunes export destinations. Another one that is once again in the top ten is Russia, a historical buyer of this Chilean fruit, a location that was diminished in 2022 by the start and development of the war with Ukraine.

The 10 main destinations represent over 70% of exports.

Chile is the main world exporter of this fruit, while the United States is the number 1 producer, with a high internal demand that leads to a demand for Chilean production.

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