This year, we saw a landmark edition of Gulfood that united the food and beverage communities from around the world to not only mobilise global food trade, but also shape a more resilient, future-forward industry.

Right from driving e-commerce expansions to inciting global Zero Waste revolutions to launching new youth talent, Gulfood 2022 became the stomping ground of great agents of change and trend-makers.

Chilean exporters of dried and dried fruits are committed to expanding their presence in the Middle East

Recognized worldwide for its quality and multiple qualities, among which safety, traceability, sustainability and safety stand out, Chilean food has positioned itself as one of the main exports of our country to more than 170 destinations, reaching shipments of US$18 billion during 2021.

Among them, the United Arab Emirates stands out, a country that mainly imports Chilean walnuts to sell both in the market and to re-export to the rest of the region. The scope of Chilean nuts and dehydrated fruits in this destination is largely due to the participation of national delegations in the Gulfood food fair, an activity that this year takes place between February 13 and 17 and which has 22 companies participating. in two pavilions: the World Food and Pulses and the Grains & Cereals.

“The Chilean agri-food sector is a diverse sector with multiple products. Companies in these sectors have successfully exported to countries around the world and have achieved a significant share of the various markets. Our participation in Gulfood is to increase our exports in the countries of the Middle East,” said Feliper Repetto, Commercial Director of Chile in the UAE and Director of the Chilean Pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Prize Nuts, Rinconada, Goodvalley, Land Growers Chile, Dryfrut, Anakena, Vitakai, Calbu, Jorge Gallardo Exports, Growex, Superfruit, Baika, Prunesco, Surnut, Hacienda Chorombo, Frutexsa, Atacama DriedFruit, Walnative, Agromar, Silvestres, Santis Frut and NamaExportaciones are part of the delegation representing the main regions of the country, such as Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Metropolitana, O’Higgins, Araucanía and Los Ríos. 15 of them currently export to the United Arab Emirates.

The sectors that are participating in Gulfood have increased the value exported by 13% and the volume exported by 5.7%, comparing the total shipments of 2020 and 2021. In relation to the destination markets, the UAE is in eighth position representing 22% of the export share, with Dubai being an emirate that functions as a “re-export hub”, since it is a gateway to the 22 countries that make up the Arab League.

In recent decades, Chile has strongly developed its dry and dehydrated fruit exports with products recognized internationally for their high quality and sustainability seal in their production processes, replacing, for example, the use of conventional energy with solar energy in their plants. Today these products are considered superfoods for their beneficial properties for health and are highly valued by consumers around the world.

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