The 2022 Chilean prune crop is forecast at 87.000 metric tons, with a total bearing hectare estimated at 12.500.
Export of fresh prunes to Asia should be accounted for approximately 40 to 45 thousand MT during the current season. Conversion to dried prunes is roughly 14 thousand MT.
The 2022 prune season approaches the harvest having had generally good growing conditions during 2021. The bloom was reportedly successful, without facing losses due to droughts. Nevertheless, the crop has suffered a decrease because of sun damages which is calculated at 3.000 MT.
All the previous information indicates that Chile should have a total crop of around 70.000 MT. Out of this total crop, the marketable quantity should be 84%1, leaving an availability for exporting of about 59.000 MT. Carryover inventory from the previous season will be historically low.
Harvest is expected to begin by mid-February, one week later if compared to the previous season.

1 The marketable percentage of the prune crop is an average of the 3 previous seasons, accounting for prunes up to 100 u/pound.
2 Export figures of dried prunes between 2019 and 2021 are based on ODEPA sources. Year 2022 is an estimation of the crop availability of marketable prunes for the current season.

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