Agrícola La Palma and Agrícola Siemel are two new members of the Association of Prunes Processors and Exporters of Chile, a union founded in 2005, which now brings together more than 70% of prunes exports.

Agrícola La Palma, is located in the Colchagua Valley, VI Region, it has more than 400 hectares of production. They have a wide variety of crops and plantations, one of the main ones being prunes, which they export to Europe and Brazil. They also produce Murcott mandarins, olives, corn and wheat.

For its part, Agrícola Siemel is an agro-industrial company, a subsidiary of Inversiones Siemel, which participates in the fruit and livestock sectors. In Buin it has the El Parrón and El Recurso properties, where it has 495 hectares dedicated to the production of fresh and dehydrated fruit. Additionally, it has a tenderizing plant for D’Agen plums. In Coyhaique, Aysén region, it owns the Estancia Baño Nuevo, with approximately 45,000 hectares, where it raises and fattens sheep and cattle, together with the production of sheep cheeses under the Boladero brand.

Both companies join Kaikén, Prunesco, Superfruit, Frutexsa, GoodValley, Pacific Nut, Sunsweet, Silvestres, Sofruco and Onizzo.

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