“We practically all go to Paris. Around 80% of the Chilean export force of prunes will be present at SIAL, with some type of representation”, indicates Pedro Pablo Díaz, president of Chileprunes, the Trade Association of Processors and Exporters of Prunes from Chile, which has 11 associated exporters, and that seeks the development of the sector in the long term, carrying out multiple actions of promotion and opening of markets, among others.

SIAL, a great congress and source of inspiration for the food industry, had not been held for two years due to the pandemic. Therefore, the high expectation to be present at the most important world event in the food sector and that will concentrate in Paris, France, the best agri-food offer.

At these meetings, the aim is to promote prunes in international markets, generate market information, continue to increase the quality of the product and, in general, optimize the plum industry, both internationally and domestically. But on this occasion, Pedro Pablo Díaz points out, they will seek to strengthen ties with the retail sector, “meet new types of importers, those who are also looking for original products.”

The fair, which will take place between October 15 and 19, expects to receive more than 140,000 visitors and 5,500 exhibitors.

Weeks of a lot of movement are coming for the sector. After SIAL, in November, the congress of the International Prune Association (IPA) will be held, which represents the interests of prune growers and packers from around the world. The host, on the occasion, will be Australia, and it is expected to be the last congress to be held digitally or remotely.

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