• • Turkey • Prunes • Good brandy and champagne • Lard • Chicken broth (homemade) for watering • Filling: (of many things) ours: pippin apple, dried plums, pine nuts, walnut


The day before the elaboration is injected with cognac and champagne until the moment of putting it in the oven, as well as the nuts that you are going to use such as raisins, prunes, pine nuts, nuts or chestnuts -in addition to the apple, which must be cut into squares-.
Before putting it in the oven, the turkey is opened and stuffed with nuts. Once we fill it, the main element is re-sewn.
Oven at 250 degrees at first, depending on the size of the main ingredient and spread with lard -preferably-, or olive oil.
Put the turkey in the oven and, when it begins to brown, it is lowered to 200 degrees so that it is done outside and inside for about 3 – 4 hours, alternating it with albal paper so that it does not burn.
While it is being made, it is opened and watered with cognac, champagne and chicken clade.

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