With more than 350 people from 25 countries, one of the most relevant events for the sector is expected to return globally: EXPO Prunes, which will be held virtually, on Wednesday, March 24, organized by Chileprunes

After a 2020 event-free event, due to the pandemic, this event returns with a group of top-notch exhibitors.

“2020 and the last few months have been difficult, but this is a resilient sector, with a special energy that faces with attitude and decision the problems that arise, finding new opportunities to continue growing,” says Pedro Acuña, executive director of Chileprunes, the Gremial Association of prunes Processors and Exporters of Chile.

Rosario Larraín, a zonal agronomist from Prunesco and representative of the Technical Committee of EXPO, notes that “Chileprunes has prepared a program of high interest, considering as usual, a productive analysis of the current season; other relevant topics will also be set out in new practices and managements that allow producers to improve their productivity in the orchards and the quality of the harvested fruit. One of the contents will include the experience of recent years in high-density orchards and a highly contingent analysis of the bioclimatic challenge for agriculture of the future and how we deal with it.”

You will also have a good look at the future in this event. For this reason, Nicolás Leal, e-commerce specialist will talk about “Digital Transformation in Internationalization”, while Sofia Ramírez Calvo, deputy partner of AgFunder, manager of venture capital funds who invests in transformational entrepreneurs of food technology and agricultural technology worldwide will expound on “Changing the face to traditional agriculture”.

I work in unity

Andrés Rodríguez, Chile’s agricultural attache in the United States, points out that Chile’s prunes industry has much to be proud of, being the world’s leading exporters, high quality, added value, innovation, and an industry that works together as demonstrated by this congress, not only as an industry but also in a private public effort to position itself in the world.

“During 2020, we were able to observe in the United States that despite falling sales of horeca-channel food, there was an increase in sales in retail and an explosive development of e-commerce; thus, imports of agricultural products not only did not decline, but grew by 4% compared to the previous year. Also, with powerful signs and from the beginning, we aim to give confidence that food was not a source of contagion and as in Chile, we have been giving relevance to agriculture as an essential industry that could not stop,” Rodríguez adds.

For his part, Fernando Cabrera, agricultural manager of Pacific Nut points out that this event is of tremendous importance for the information that is delivered around the industry that allows us to have a global view of the business. Paulo Estrada, Producer Manager at GoodValley, hopes that Expo 2021 will be an opportunity to bring together all industry players, producers, exporters, processors and also customers, being able to discuss commercial, productive and forward-sighted issues.”

“We invite you not to miss the opportunity to be an active part of this meeting, in which the world of the production and export of prunes meets in order to learn about new commercial and technical opportunities that facilitate their work and discover new trends in a dynamic and fast-paced market,” adds Pedro Acuña de Chileprunes.

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