• Prunes (preferably pitted)
  • Cocoa powder
  • Dark chocolate to melt
  • Water, milk or a little liquor (brandy, whiskey ...)


How to make prune chocolates step by step
1. Melt the chocolate into a bowl in the microwave with some water, milk or liquor.
2. Immerse the pruning prunes in the chocolate and allow to cool.
3. Once the cold chocolates are sprinkled with the cocoa powder.
4. Present on a tray or in endividual muffin molds.
Very few ingredients are needed and the amounts are easy to think about, depending on the number of prunes you want to make.
How to adapt the recipe to the Montignac diet
If the recipe is made with chocolate of more than 70% and pure cocoa powder without sugar, it is suitable for the 2nd phase of the Montignac diet.

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