Chile’s executive Diector Prunes was interviewed in the program El Agro, this Saturday, July 18, 2020.

In extensive and in-depth interview the executive director of Chileprunes, Pedro Acuña was interviewed by journalist Verónica Díaz in the program El Agro de Radio Agricultura.

The interview that addressed the most diverse topics of markets, trends, consumption, calibers and the “Taste Prunes” campaign, among others, you find it in its entirety HERE (to listen in the podcast only the interview of Pedro Acuña, to do it from the hour with 05’33”- is 20 minutes long)

Below is a summary of this interview, with its narrow answers:

In Chile Prunes have estimated that the production of prunes falls by about 20, to what is the reason for this important fall?

For three main effects of nature: frost, drought and sunstroke.

How has the drought and frosts of the previous year affected you?

With a decrease in production (volumes).

But, at the same time, quality is something that has been improving in the last time, with an increase in the calibers and concentration of sugars. The calibers have steadily improved over the past 4 years, considering the same base.

What are the main markets for prunes?

Chile is open to more than 70 markets, among which, the most important this year 2020 are Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Spain and Canada.

What is the campaign that “Taste Prunes” is carrying out?

Since demand remains roughly the same even though the world’s population has grown (in recent years) despite the health benefits of prunes, after many working tables we wanted to campaign in Chile and the target markets. We define highlighting its benefits that the world does not know. So, we work this nutritional point, but also the gastronomic uses in meals, pastries and snacks. It is a campaign of dissemination of Social Networks, content that are delivered nationally and internationally.

What are the main attributes and benefits of prunes?

It is a source of high energy, possesses high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, high quantity and quality of fibers, soluble fibers, and the latest studies indicate that it helps fight osteoporosis and cancer to the colon if eaten about 4 units daily. It is also a mouth sanitizer, and is known for constipation. It is a good source of energy, with good quality sugars not added.

What are the goals you have as an industry regarding the increase in the consumption of this food in our country?

The goal is for more people to know the product, its goodness, that’s why we are approaching the influencers through this campaign and with other actions: chefs, roasts, restaurants, distributors, industry professionals, technicians, commercials, and the general public.

What other challenges has Chile Prunes set for this and the coming years?

We have multiple objectives: to be the benchmark of the world industry, to achieve technical cooperation between partners, addressing issues that are always more difficult to deal with: processes, standards in plants and orchards. Seeking the benefit of the industry, we also seek to engage and articulate with government institutions such as SAG, Odepa, Minagi and the SNA.

Finally, we seek to ensure all interests that improve the quality and condition of the product, and lead marketing and dissemination campaigns that increase and promote the consumption of prunes in the world and in Chile.

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