Why not imagine skewers that mix Serrano ham with prunes? Or the latter that replace peanuts and raisins in any appetizer next to a good wine? Betting that there are tastes acquired and that there is not only for a cultural and unaware issue, is that ChilePrunes launched a communication campaign that shows the prunes with a new look more attractive, seductive and inspiring.

Initially, the “Taste Prunes” campaign launched this weekend has its focus on social media and the domestic market, but in the short term, it is intended to communicate it to a more global audience.

“The prunes needed this renewing change. That he was the new guest at the Chileans’ table. It is possible to make this cultural change as has happened with other products: before champagne was taken only for the new year and today it is with a high consumption; 10 years or more ago, no one knew sushi, or beer was consumed almost exclusively by men. I’m talking about trends that are being installed and that of prunes can be one of them, even more so if you cross the wellness and healthy eating theme,” says Pedro Acuña, executive director of ChilePrunes.

Indeed, few products in the world have as many health benefits as prunes: it is a source of high energy, possesses high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers, and the latest studies also support improving bone density.

In addition, the Chilean prunesm industry has done a professional work, of very high standards that has led it to be the No. 1 exporter in the world.

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