Foreign Minister Rodrigo Yáñez, The Minister of Finance (S), Francisco Moreno, and Minister of Economy Development and Tourism Lucas Palacios, together with the Undersecretary of Mining, Ricardo Irarrázabal and the Director General of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan, led a dialogue table convening the country’s main exporting guilds. The authorities of The National Customs Service, Agricultural and Livestock Service, ODEPA and Sernapesca also participated.

The instance analysed the situation facing exports in international markets as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak in China, and addressed possible measures to mitigate its effects.

Foreign Minister Rodrigo Yáñez said that the health crisis is being monitored from a public- private and multisectoral perspective, but also calling for calm, as exports are evolving properly.

“Our shipments are flowing slower, but they are in the logistics chain. However, we are working together to mitigate the effects this outbreak might have on trade, managed through public services sanitary, phytosanitary and regulatory measures that are necessary to redirect our exports,” said the

Through ProChile, the Chancellery, and the Undersecretariat for International Economic Relations, commercial offices and exporters have been in constant contact to be clear about the situation regarding shipments and which products are being affected.

In this regard, the Director General of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan, disclosed the mitigation measures that the institution is implementing with its exporting customers.

“ProChile, both at the central, regional and market levels through the four commercial offices in China, has been in contact with exporters, importers and local authorities since day one. While we are not yet able to do a thorough and long-term analysis of the impact this crisis could have on our exports, we are already implementing some measures to help the export sector and our trading partners,” said ProChile’s MANAGING Director.

This instance was attended by representatives of ChileCarne, Exporlac, Wines of Chile, SOFOFA, Codelco, Sonapesca, Cochilco, ASOEX, National Chamber of Commerce, Chile Alimentos, FaenaCar, Chile Oliva, Chile Nut, SONAMI, FedeFruta, CPC, Chile Prunes, Chile and CORFO.

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