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Chile Prunes


Chilean prunes are differentiated because of their color, taste and contribution to health. Some of their nutritional benefits are:

  • Good source of energy.
  • High content of antioxidants (over 20 compounds) vitamins and minerals.
  • Their fiber content helps to restore bone mass and protect teeth, as well as preventing gastrointestinal illnesses, bladder stones, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and high cholesterol.

Plums grow in an exceptional environment in Chile, a country that is considered to be a phytosanitary island that has natural barriers such as the Atacama desert, the Andes Mountain Range, the Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic, which protect agriculture from external pests and illnesses.

Around 11 thousand hectares of plums are planted in Chile for dehydrating, and close to 75 thousand tons are produced annually. The plantation area is from Valparaíso to Maule, which has an exceptional Mediterranean climate and unique geographical, weather and soil conditions. This permits a top-quality product in terms of size, color, aroma and taste.

Year-round availability

Prunes are available year-round. The plums are harvested in February and then go through the drying and “softening” process.