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Chile Prunes

Strengthening contacts with importers in a tour to China and Japan / March / 2015

  • March / 2015

An auspicious tour to China and Japan by Prochile took place in November, in which representatives of Chile Prunes participated. Andrés Rodríguez, the Executive Vice-President of Chile Prunes, explained that “the objective of the trip was to better know both markets and for the participating businesspeople to have bilateral meetings with local importers in order to generate a network of commercial contacts “.


Both markets have the potential for large growth for prune exports. “Prunes from Chile has been present in the Chinese market for 3 years, through different advertising actions with the sector brand. The result has been that we have gained market share where previously, production from California dominated,” said Rodríguez. With respect to Japan, there is a low market share since the market is principally dominated by California. “However, with the low sustained growth in the Californian harvest, a great opportunity has arisen for Chile to gain market share and position itself, since Chile is the top exporter of prunes, which has brought us great prestige regarding product quality and reliable volumes”, concluded the officer.