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Interviewing our Partners: Super Fruit / March / 2015

  • March / 2015

This time around, Chile Prunes Association would like to wish a warm welcome to Superfruit through their Business Deputy Manager, Mateo García Pereira, who explains that “for us, belonging to this association has two major advantages: on one hand, we participate in the prune promotional activities that Chile Prunes performs internationally, which help position the product and open new markets; and on the other, we feel very well represented by a highly capable professional team when it comes time to face the many different private and public organizations on the market”. Mr. Garcia notes that they have to overcome great challenges in terms of volume and new, value-adding products in Europe, the main destination for their products. He also points out the advances observed in the Asian and Latin American markets, projecting steady export volumes, but with the intention of growing in terms of value-adding products.


Mr. García states that this season was very good for his company thanks to great sales prices. In this sense, according to the executive, at a process level, Super Fruit is consolidating their brand more each day, with a reliable, quality product.


“I believe we’re at the top tier of the business cycle. We have to keep up the good work to maintain our position. We think it’s important to take advantage of this positive stage to create value, which will definitely come in handy if we ever have to face a tough year. In that sense, I believe the association is performing proactively and they’re on the right track”, he concludes.