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Chile Prunes

Interviewing our Partners: Pacific Nut / March / 2015

  • March / 2015

For our partner, Pacific Nut, belonging to Chile Prunes represents an important step in their development, “because we have unified criteria in the industry regarding processes, quality and service, as well as promoting just how important these concepts are both nationwide and internationally”, according to Benjamín Herreros, the company’s Business Director.

As Mr. Herreros explains, this season has not been easy due to a product shortage, which has increased prices and could restrict the expansion of consumption. “This is precisely why it is important to maintain the industry’s share in the world market. That way we can continue to develop and maintain international growth”.

Pacific Nut’s challenge for 2015 will be focused on prune processing, in other words, to add value, which first involves “investing in process improvements. That is why we are studying the possibility of incorporating X-rays or lasers to further decrease the presence of pits in the end product”, states Mr. Herreros.